Why Choose A Which? Trusted Trader?

You should never rush into choosing a contractor, especially for home improvement. A 2014 survey from TrustMark claimed that one in five homeowners have to redress bad work on their property, caused by unreliable tradespeople. In total, it costs British homeowners an extra £1.9bn annually.

That’s why Smarter Home 4U take pride in our status as Which? Trusted traders – our team is made up of honest, experienced tradespeople who demonstrate their worth time and again.

But what’s the big deal about Which? and their rating system? Let us explain…

A universal stamp of excellence

For anyone not familiar with Which?, head to their website, which details over 60 years of trading standards heritage. From their earliest days, Which? have been filtering the best products, services and commercial skills from their relevant markets. They have remained (quite astoundingly) a not-for-profit organisation, and aim to give consumers a true sense of what’s good or bad when they’re investing in something.

Like many other sectors, home improvement falls within that agenda. They offer traders a firm approval rating – the Which? Trusted status. This means that a tradesperson has proven themselves to be adept, well-organised and trustworthy against the highest consumer standards. It’s a rigorous process; many skilled labourers fail, and have to learn from their mistakes. The Which? Trusted label isn’t given out freely.

Cowboy builders don’t stand a chance. If someone has a Which? endorsement, they’re the cream of the crop in their trade. So how do they assess what’s great about a trading business?

How to make the grade…

Essentially, Which? use the following criteria to determine whether – for instance – a home improvement specialist is as good they claim to be:

  • Business procedures. A trading enterprise has to leave an impression of quality and consistency in their work.
  • Professional self-awareness. The majority of tests demand a face-to-face interview, so the examiner gets a sense of the trader’s personal demeanour, asking them questions about what they do.
  • A credit report. This confirms that the business is in solid financial health. Poor credit ratings point to payment issues or sunk costs.
  • Customer reviews. A Which? examiner asks for a list of customer references. They pick 10 at random, adding their testimony to the assessment.
  • Abiding by the code. Finally, if a trader passes, they have to pay a membership fee and adhere to the site’s conduct agreement.

As you can see, achieving the Trusted badge isn’t a walk in the park. Only the best, most assured tradespeople have a shot at it. That’s how Which? have maintained their consumer faith over six decades and counting. When looking for your next home improvement team, use this status as a signal that you’ve picked one of the top tier services in the country.

Smarter Home 4U has qualified for Which? endorsement for 3 consecutive years. Whether we’re doing large-scale renovation, or a subtler improvement task, the same dedication to customer care runs throughout our business. See what we’re made of by contacting us, phoning us on 0795 459 1119 or emailing – we’re more than happy to explain how we work, and how it’ll transform your property.

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